Assessment Tools

OD-Map Employee Survey

OD-Map is the next generation employee survey, providing organizational effectiveness diagnostics in depth with efficiency and accuracy thanks to the proprietary questionnaire design and report engine.
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Assessment Center

Do you want to be certain before your major hiring decisions? Do you want to establish a fair and objective system of promotions in your company? Would you like to gain accurate, objective information about the leadership competency levels, strengths and weaknesses of your managers and key employees? AC provides the most robust and accurate competency measurement, and please read on to see our approach.
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Fit In 5x5 Personality™

One of the most efficient personality tests of the World: it measures 25 traits in just about 10-15 minutes. Blazingly fast, yet results are highly accurate and relevant, thanks to the innovation in questionnaire design.
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OD-Tools MQ

The Motivational Questionnaire is a unique tool that increases self-awareness, develops self-motivation skills, and helps managers to better motivate and retain their staff members.
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Flagship Training Programs

ConflictManagement Skills

Motivational Tools for Managers

Cross-cultural Communication and Management

About Us
HRO Shanghai is an intercultural, creative behavioral science firm providing HR development services in China and Asia. The company has significant intellectual property and know-how in the area of Personnel Assessment and Training in China, with a steady customer base including major companies in Shanghai, and with cooperation partners in Malaysia, Germany and in Australia. HRO Shanghai is the master distributor of the full OD-Tools online assessment product suite in Mainland China, bringing OD-Map, 5x5 Personality and other cutting-edge products to the Chinese market. No one can do it alone - and working together is much more fun! HRO Shanghai is working together with free lance consultants and other consulting firms to provide more comprehensive solutions. We mainly work with our long-term customers, facilitating change and development processes that can span over many years. This helps to deeply know the company and the people, and to the joy of growing together.
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