Leadership Assessment Center

- Are you aiming on high objectivity, validity and accuracy in assessments?

- Would you like to get the benefits of assessment centers in a more efficient way?

There are different ways to set up Assessment/Development Centers, and the various options and contradictory recommendations in literature present a great challenge for the practitioner. HRO makes the job easier for you by introducing an approach that works very well, even with the rather seasoned Chinese candidates.

The HRO difference

- The core assessor team has been working together for 8 years;
- Our assessors have solid business experience (not, or not only business psychologists);
- We have deep understanding of real business needs in terms of leadership competencies. We are experienced with various type and maturity of organizations (e.g. US, Japanese, German, or Chinese companies; MNCs, JVs, Private and State Owned Enterprises). We see the commonalities and the unique needs of each company and each position;
- We have purchased some best-in-class AC exercises, and we also have developed and polished our own tools over 8 years;
We combine online tests, written and interactive exercises in a truly powerful and efficient way;
Our assessors are also trainers and coaches (not only assessors), experienced in providing profound, powerful feedback.

A brief introduction

Personnel decisions - hiring or promoting - have a significant financial impact on an organization, yet so many companies downplay or simply ignore the importance of a valid and reliable hiring system. Selecting the best candidate for a position on your staff is a demanding task. Likewise, identifying key talents for the future, specific training needs and deciding who is going to play an important role in your organization is a delicate issue. A well conducted interview should form the basis of every selection process. But no matter how skilled and detailed an interview may be it still primarily collects self-reported information from the candidate. Consistent research demonstrates that a well designed Assessment Centre is the most effective tool available for assessing individuals for selection and/or development. With the Assessment Center Method we can not only observe candidates but also systematically measure the anticipated future performance of people.

There are many materials available on exercises, but successfully implementing AC requires much more. When the assessors are sitting there to observe, what will they be able to see? How can they record their observations? How do you collect and integrate data? How do you give feedback? And, what do you do with the results? These are the often-neglected questions that make many companies encounter pitfalls, or even fail.

What is an HRO Assessment/Development Center?
The idea of assessment centers does not refer to a physical place, instead it describes an approach, a methodology. It consists of a standardized evaluation of behaviour, relevant to the most critical aspects (or competencies) of the job, which derive from a thorough job analysis. Several trained observers (assessors) judge several participants (assessees) simultaneously in various types of job-related simulations in order to determine whether they have the required skills and abilities. Interviews and psychological tests are often integrated into the decision making process. The HRO Assessment/Development Center is a specific application of best practices; it consists of a set of practical guidelines, forms, manuals, and exercises that work.

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