Employee Retention & Engagement Solutions

The following profile is still hard to find in China:

  • Local Chinese with good English, who is effective in a global working environment;
  • Has both excellent professional and soft skills;
  • Has rich management experience and shows good leadership.

What if you happen to be a foreign company operating in China and you need exactly this sort of talent? How can you attract and retain the people you need? Besides being strong in all management areas, there are some specific and less known tools that could be utilized.

The HRO Motivational Toolbox Solution

HRO Shanghai is the most experienced company in China in implementing the 3 steps solution: 1)Increase intrinsic motivation company-wide; 2)Improve managers' motivation skills by the "Motivation Toolbox for Managers" training; 3)Implement "Motivational Dialogs" between managers and employees company-wide.

The implementation process is powered by the Motivational Questionnaire by OD-Tools. This tool accelerates learning and brings the most specific and actionable data companies can have today for proactively retaining their key people.

The next generation engagement survey: OD-Map

Not happy with your current engagement survey? Or you are not using one at all? Take a look of OD-Map, the most pragmatic, user and business friendly solution. HRO Shanghai has rich experience in implementing it as a regular company health check or as a one time diagnostic tool for engagement and organization development.

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