Candidate Testing and Employee Assessments

Assessment of Managerial / Leadership Competencies and Potential in China

  • How do you evaluate job applicants? How certain are you in your recruitment decisions?
  • How well do you know your people? Are you certain about their strengths and weaknesses?
  • Do you know who has the most leadership potential in your team? And how ready are they to take on more leadership responsibilities?
  • Is there a room for improvement regarding the assessment capabilities of your organization?

If you are serious about people development in your company, you must ask the question sooner or later: How do we measure competency and potential?
HRO assessment tools and services give you more reliable answers and with less cost than usual in the industry. This is possible because we have developed our own effective assessment tools in-house that work very well in practice.

Moreover, HRO has helped major companies in establishing or improving their in-house assessment systems. Would you like to improve performance by getting the right people into the right jobs, retaining and motivating them in the right way, and developing them into the right directions?

HRO assessment provides crucial input for the following HR activities:

  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Internal Promotions
  • Succession/Career Path Planning
  • Internal Reshuffling/Restructuring
  • Training Needs Analysis

What is assessed?

  • Leadership competencies
  • Leadership potential
  • Managerial competencies
  • Sales and service skills
  • Intercultural competencies
  • Job-fit, development needs

Who is assessed?

  • Key players and high potentials
  • Existing staff or job applicants
  • Candidates for key positions ( General Manager, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, CFO, Production Manager,...)

Assessment tools:

  • Trait-Map® Personality Assessment
  • Written capability tests (verbal, numerical processing, logic...)
  • Motivation Questionnaire, In-basket exercise
  • Group exercises
  • Individual exercises
  • Role play
  • Behavioral deep-interviews

HRO provides the following assessment tools and services:

  • Trait-Map® Personality Assessment Software License
  • Personality testing service with feedback and counseling
  • Motivational Questionnaire
  • Competency assessment service
  • Job-fit assessment, career path planning
  • Assessment and development center

Star tests

We not only use the full online assessment tool series of OD-Tools in our work, but we also distribute it to corporations or other consultants. HRO Shanghai is the master distributor of these products in Mainland China. The best selling products are:

Read more about the Trait-Map® personality test on the OD-Tools web site.

Read more about MQ Motivational Questionnaire on the OD-Tools web site.


"Employers with the best chances of attracting the best workers," according to Forbes, "are looking beyond money. They are looking at the psychological connections employees make with their employers and at whether they want their employees to work grudgingly as wage slaves, or energetically as committed members of a team."

HRO Shanghai addresses this issue by providing decision makers the assessment tools needed to identify and evaluate potential leaders and employees to ensure that the right person is hired for the right job, for the right reasons.

Although "right person for the right job" may sound simple, in actuality it is quite difficult to achieve. It is not easy for an individual to find his/her place and direction; and it is not easy for companies to find and retain competent, hardworking and reliable employees.

The worldwide application of American psychological tests and the international success of MBA and leadership courses imply that human management principles are largely similar worldwide; a major difference, however, is in the real-world application of these principles.

Why HRO Shanghai?

The key of our philosophy is transforming "soft" or subjective candidate information into a "harder", more objective, more structured form that decision makers can rely on in their personnel decisions:

  • During the recruitment and management process, subjective elements such as emotions, intuition and "gut feelings" always have been and will be very important. Our assessment products and services provide objective methods and structured processes that enhance the intuition of decision makers, counter-balance subjective biases, and help to reach more objective recruitment decisions;
  • Our assessment services are tied to business objectives; we deliver improvements that are measurable by specific performance indicators.

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