Organization Development in China

More and more companies realize that just ordering piece-meal training programs don't solve their problems; they need a broader and more systematic approach to drive real change. HRO Shanghai, with a deep understanding of OD philosophy, and with experience in using a wide range of OD-Tools, is ideally positioned to support companies with their long-term development programs.

OD approach of HRO

In it's simplest form, Organisation Development by HRO is a development process that has proper needs analysis, a series of learning interventions such as training, coaching and action learning, and has evaluation and follow up. It can grow into long-term cooperation with Clients that include regular Organizational Assessment (using the OD-Map tool), BPI and BPR projects, assessment centers, expanding or revamping the entire L&D function, and tripling the business in a couple of years.

HRO Shanghai is uniquely well positioned to deliver OD services in China because it has bilingual senior consultants, experience in all facets of business and human development, and a wide range of OD tools: OD-Map, FiT In, MQ, Action Learning, and a range of facilitation methods and experiential learning tools.

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