Team Building Training in China

Are you interested in a systematic way to develop the soft skills of your management team? Do you want to increase the alignment, collaboration and efficiency in your leadership team? Do you want to introduce experiential learning in a fun way? Or you just want to conduct an engaging strategy workshop that creates breakthrough results? Or a remarkable annual meeting celebration? HRO supported companies for 14 years to reach such objectives with a wide range of tools, team building games, exercises and know-how.

HRO helps companies developing their employees towards becoming more cohesive, goal oriented teams with engaging exercises for the body, mind, and spirit. Our programs are customized, and typically include emotional activation and engagement facilitation, team exercises, peak experience for teams, reflection, and evaluation. Benefits of team building training with HRO:

  • Increase communication between people;
  • Improve support and trust levels among employees;
  • Develop healthy inter-personal and inter-group relations;
  • Reduce stress and unhealthy conflict;
  • Improve the team's ability to solve problems.

HRO Shanghai brings world-class training methods to China. One picture says more than a hundred words - please look at some pictures to get a feeling about our teambuilding programs:

On water - "the feeling of the team"

On grass - "get together"

We always prepare surprises for you...

Our training methods are based on principles of action learning and group dynamics

Setting free fun and creativity

Boosting team spirit

Team building indoor

And outdoor!

These HRO programs help you to turn corporate celebrations, kick-off meetings, annual meetings and other events into meaningful, remarkable events with long lasting, powerful memories.

Management Team Development

Besides fun and spectacular moments, team building has a serious and professional side, and HRO is your partner in bringing the "empowered teams" management method into your organization. This requires a long-term program with regular sessions. Such a systematic approach - and top management support - is needed to carry the momentum deeper into the workplace and empower teams to work out real organizational issues such as improving structures, processes, goal setting and decision making. The systematic, long term programs are aiming on improving KPIs and result in measurable performance improvement.

Please consider the following questions before you contact us:

  • What training impact do you expect: Just fun; Some skill development; Significant change in the culture of the organization?
  • How much time, energy and money do you want to invest in team building: Minimal; Some preparation and follow up; Systematic, long-term program?
  • How much money do you want to invest: Minimal (off the shelf team-building program); Modest investment (some preparation, senior trainers); Significant investment (I want real improvement)?

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