Psychological Capital of Your People

The concept of Psychologycal Capital was born from the work of Fred Luthans, former president of the Academy of Management and his colleagues who wanted to identify the measurable mental states that have a positive impact on desired employee attitudes, behaviors, and performance in organizations. They found 4 such employee attributes: Hope, Efficacy (Confidence), Resilience, and Optimism, HERO for short. Employees who believe they are progressing, who are confident in their abilities to deal with the challanges, who can bounce back after setbacks, and who focus on the sunny side of life, are not only better performers, but also happier!

Self-help books and the so called success literature have been promoting HERO and similar ideas for more than a century. What is significant that Luthans and his colleagues were the first ones who proved that these attributes indeed contribute to the success of companies. They combined scientific research with popular topics, connected academy with main stream, and the concept became very popular.

In short, companies can increase their success and vitality by increasing PsyCap, and they also retain, engage and help their people in the same time. Win-win. Great. You're maybe asking: sure, but HOW to do it?

Good news: HRO Shanghai has the tools to measure and the programs to develop PsyCap efficiently organization wide. We welcome you to learn more about our programs!

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