Leadership Development Programs

Improving leadership in China

Do you believe in the difference that leadership quality makes to financial performance?

How competent are your junior and mid-level leaders? Do they need improvement?

Do your Chinese executives have competency gaps compared to global standards?

Are you interested in improving leadership in your company?

If your answer is yes to some of the questions above, you are not alone. Welcome to read more!

What is the difference between Management and Leadership? 

We see management as Transactional (run the organization as is) and leadership as Transformational (change the organization as it needs to be). Management is concerned with efficiency, as leadership with effectiveness. Management is concerned with the How, as leadership focuses on the What for. Management is about analysis and decision making, problem solving skills, Leadership is about intuition, insight and forsite. Management is Plan, Monitor, Control, Leadership is involve, include, engage, inspire, enable. Management is about Performance Management, leadership is about coaching. Management is about tracking progress, Leadership is about inspiring breaktroughs. Management is about business process improvement, Leadership is about new business models, innovation and creating new organizational forms.

What makes someone a great leader?

There are some popular leadership competency models, such as the Greight Eight (SHL); the 16 Competencies of Zenger & Folkman; the competencies defined by leadership level by the Center for Creative Leadership; or The Level Five Leader of Jim Collins; or the Leadership Big Five by Feng Li. These models are certainly useful.  However, leadership is not just a pile of skills. More importantly, leaders have some deep beliefs and attitudes that followers can feel and relate to. Effective leaders evoke genuine commitment and bring out the best of people, they gain the heart of people - and this is not possible via tricks or by quick fix.

Therefore, leadership development is different from training specific management skills. It has to go deeper, under the skin; to touch the very core; and allow the person to grow as a whole from within. Leadership development is like a journey, and everyone has a different roadmap. The key to leadership training is to discover a new world. Discover strengths, and find inspiration. In the same time also find the very specific "blockages" or bottlenecks; the very things that inhibit optimal performance and development; identify, whatever it is; work with it, improve it, gain nutrition and energy from the victory; and continue the journey. You can read a program example here: Leadership Development.

In the same time, we recommend a CUSTOMIZED APPROACH to leadership development including a combination of methods - Assessment, Training, Action Learning, and Coaching if it is feasible - considering the situation of your company. Please contact us to discuss how can we help you.

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