Influencing Skills Training Program

This is probably the most prized soft skill of all. Just think about the highest paid people on the planet - the movie, sport or pop stars - and ask why do they get paid so much? Then look around in your company, and see who does best, who gets promoted, who makes it to the top - and you probably will find the positive correlation between influence and success. Influencing means changing the feelings and perceptions of others about certain things, in order to create action or to make a change. If you think about it, isn't that the very essence of many jobs - maybe even yours?

Why should companies invest in developing influencing skills of their staff?

While Negotiation or Presentation Skills training programs focus on specific situations, and prepare people for handling those occasions better, Influencing Skills training adds a new dimension to each and every interaction of employees. People walk away with a whole new awareness about communication, and their productivity will increase in all areas where interaction with others is important. They will be able much better control the power of words just as the subliminal, implicit elements of communication.

HRO Influencing Skills Training

Our training combines the aspects of "Awareness", "Knowledge", and "Skill". The training is highly interactive, with exercises, role plays and video feedback being the highlights.

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