Building Leadership Pipeline

Efforts for building Leadership Pipeline may be also called as "Succession Planning" or "Developing Leadership Benchstrength". Regardless of the name, they mostly include three key aspects:

- Leadership Pipeline Management Processes;
- Leadership Assessments;
- Leadership Development Activities.

Leadership Pipeline Management Processes

These processes include strategic planning, competency modeling, talent reviews, recording/organizing talent data, following up on development actions, evaluating results and communicating with all participants. HRO recommends a simple, practical approach based on the principles of the outstanding book "One Page Talent Management", which has revolutionized (greatly simplified) the leadership development processes in American Express, Avon, General Mills, Pepsi Cola and many other companies.

Leadership Assessment

Assessments support better talent related decisions: identifying high potentials, strengths/weaknesses, competency gaps, promotion readiness, job fit. HRO offers a wide range of assessments: Assessment Centers, 360 Assessments, Feedback Instruments, Employee Engagement / Organizational Effectiveness Surveys, Personality and Motivational Questionnaires, Talent Reviews, and even MBO/Performance Appraisal Systems if needed.

Leadership Development Activities

These activities are the bread-and-butter of the Leadership Pipeline. The quality of the development activities will greatly determine the results of the entire program. HRO provides a wide range of development programs: Self-Awareness Improving Programs, Motivational Toolbox, Action Learning, Soft-Skill Training programs (Emotional Intelligence, Influencing Skills, Presentation, Negotiation, Conflict Management), and Executive Coaching. HRO also can support Clients in advising other, creative development methods: special projects, exposure to high level executives, learning circles, etc.

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