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360 Degree Feedback - A more complete picture

- Have you personally experienced  the power of feedback? Would you like to bring that experience to your people in your company?
- Would you like to conduct 360 degree assessment/feedback efficiently and with a great positive impact?

With HRO now you can conduct 360 projects at the fraction of the typical time/cost

HRO is the developer of the "Five Minutes Feedback", probably the most efficient 360 tool in the industry. The "EQ SWOT" is also radically faster than competing products. When you need to gather feedback from ~ 8 people / Feedback Receiver, time becomes a crucial factor. The innovative questionnaire design of HRO allows people to accomplish giving feedback fast.

360 degree feedback is recommended to develop the following capabilities:

- Leadership and management skills
- Leading by example, walking the talk
- Openness and flexibility
- Communication skills
- Strategic thinking and planning
- Decision making
- Goal setting and motivating
- Employee coaching and development
- Cross-departmental cooperation
- Emotional Intelligence.

Conducting a 360 Degree Assessment in your company can be fairly complex, and there are many things that need to be carefully considered in each step. When companies fail, they do because they underestimate one of the steps. HRO can help you to navigate through the traps and maximize the benefits of the feedback.

How does it work?

360 assessments mean multi-rater assessments opposed to self-descriptive questionnaires. The assessment process gathers and compares data from "Self" and "Others", usually from the Boss, (Internal) Customers, Peers & Team Members, and Direct Reports. It doesn't have to be literally 360, sometimes feedback is only collected from subordinates (180), or sometimes the job level of feedback providers is not differentiated at all. In any case, such assessments bring the benefit of feedback from the others; they help participants to see themselves more objectively and help them in changing/optimizing their behavior.

HRO provides support and solutions for each step of the process:

- Competency modeling, survey questionnaire design or customization
- Managing engagement
- Project implementation and logistics
- Reporting
- Feedback to participants
- Follow up

The HRO 360 Assessment System and related HRO services provide optimal conditions for your feedback project success.

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