Conflict Management Training Program

Conflicts, if not managed well, can have a significant negative impact on personal and organizational effectiveness. Conflicts can distract people from their objectives; can decrease motivation; can block decision making, or the implementation of decisions, and so on. However, if managed well, conflicts can facilitate change, growth, and can strengthen the cohesion between people. Even though conflict management skills are so important, it is seldom consciously developed; it is mostly left default.

The HRO Conflict Management Training Program

Fortunately companies discovered the benefits of training their employees in conflict management, and long term engagements with the Freudenberg group, BASF, Eldorado, Sinogold, EVAC and other Clients provided the opportunity to polish this program into a brilliant learning intervention. Of course, classic HRO style: interactive facilitation, experiential games, aha moments and a lot of inspiration.

Key learning objectives

  • Understand conflict patterns and learn conflict management strategies;
  • Improve your conflict management skills;
  • Handle disagreements constructively.

Training content

  • Understand the different types and sources of conflicts;
  • Understand what makes conflicts frequent and difficult to solve;
  • Learn the 6 Steps of Conflict Management Process;
  • Learn the 3 Unconstructive Conflict Styles, and gain a clear picture of your own conflict style tendencies;
  • Learn the 9 major conflict management strategies, and how to choose one according to the situation;
  • Learn conflict management tools and techniques;
  • Improve Collaboration Skills: Questioning, Empathic Listening, Assertiveness and Positioning;
  • Learn methods of preventing conflict.

The content is based on thoroughly researched models and tools of Organizational Behavior; and it is enriched with case studies, exercises, discussions and personal experience.

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