Training Programs

eLearning and MOOCs are rapidly changing the learning landscape, but when it comes to soft skills, instructor led classroom training still plays and will play an important role. The experiential learning activities, the interaction with the trainer or other trainees are often the highlights of ones learning journey.

Training for Leaders, Managers and Key Staff

A few questions to consider:

  • Do you agree that your leaders and managers need further development?
  • Are you interested in powerful training programs with a deep impact?
  • Have you experienced the HRO interactive programs based on principles of experiential learning and group dynamics?

Participants usually feel and tell us that HRO trainings are more interesting, and quite different from what they have done before: they are more engaging, exciting, heart-touching, and impactful. There is often significant and noticeable change in the participants attitude, outlook, and behavior after the training. So, why are HRO trainings different? What is the secret?

This success is partly owed to our clients and participants, who fully commit to the processes. And certainly, on our part, we do things a bit differently than other training providers. We emphasize on:

  • Customized approach (programs are tailor made, 100% relevant to participants);
  • Systematic, long-term training approach;
  • Process oriented, learner centered training method;
  • A large pool of exciting activities with strong learning points;
  • Combining training elements with workshop and action learning techniques;
  • Outstanding trainers;

The HRO Training Service Cycle

In short, HRO brings in significant know-how in training and human development as a result of continuous development and striving for high impact. Please browse our training topics, and more importantly, contact us if you would like to explore what could be done in your company. Please keep in mind that we believe in CUSTOMIZED training, therefore we do not provide standard detailed course information before we have had a chance to talk with the decision maker(s).

Typical Training Topics

Team Building Training

Management teams? Cross-cultural teams? Leadership teams? Project teams? Function heads? Entire department? Regional teams?

Just as there are no two individuals that are exactly the same, maybe even more so, there are no two teams that are exactly the same. HRO offers customized team building training services in order to meet your unique needs.

All HRO team building activities enhance trust, cooperation and team identity, but we can further fine-tune the focus of your team building training to make them more:

  • People Oriented;
  • Intercultural Oriented;
  • Organizationally Oriented;
  • Communication Oriented.

We have unique training programs for executive teams and steering committees. Please read more on the page dedicated to Team Building, or contact us to explore what can be done for your team.

Leadership Development

"I always bet on the jockey, not on the horse" - said Malcolm Forbes, venture capitalist, describing his investment strategy, stressing the importance of leadership for the success of an organization. Today most people would agree with the wisdom of this investor, the only question is: How to develop leadership?

At HRO we have found that a customized training approach and a combination of methods - Assessment, Training, Coaching and Action Learning offers the best results. Read more: Leadership

Intercultural Training

Are you building bridges, or walls?

Intercultural differences can easily cause misunderstanding and conflicts. They present a challenge, but also an opportunity for growth and synergy. Our experiential intercultural training addresses not only to the head, but also the heart in order to regenerate trust, curiosity, positive feelings and to pull cross-cultural teams together.

Why is intercultural training needed? Both joint ventures and WFOE international operations in China face major intercultural challenges. Besides the language, there are other important differences in ways of thinking, values, perceptions and attitudes between Chinese people and foreigners. The HRO cross-cultural trainings and workshops provide a very positive and energizing approach to cultural differences at work and in business. And of course, HRO uses the customized approach to make each part of the training 100% relevant to your team.

Please read more: Intercultural Training Brochure

Company Culture Development

What is company culture? Why is it important? How can I develop it in our company?

In short, how your employees see and evaluate things, think and make decisions, communicate and cooperate, and how they INTERACT; those habits and unwritten rules compose the corporate culture, beyond the more tangible C&B, management systems and policies.

Management guru Jim Collins proved that Company Culture is the key hallmark of enduring success of companies (Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap... and Others Don't ). Leadership plays a crucial role in establishing and fostering the corporate culture; and HRO - with consulting, coaching and systematic training programs - can provide the support you may need.

Motivation Skills Training

Motivating employees is supposed to be an important job for every manager. So, how much do your managers know about human motivation? And how well do they understand the needs of their staff? Is there a place to improve their motivation skills?

The HRO Motivation Skills Training helps managers to become better Motivators: for themselves and for their employees. It helps managers to benefit from the scientific research about human motivation. Scientists like Maslow and McClelland discovered that the most successful people share some common characteristics in their motivation: these highly effective people are capable of motivating themselves. They seem to have an internal dynamo that generates energy and enthusiasm; and this motivation carries them through tough times of starting up, hardship, slow development, difficulties, set backs, and failures. These motivational factors are called Intrinsic motivational factors, as opposed to Extrinsic motivational factors which come from the outside world. Extrinsic motivation quickly looses it's effect, while Intrinsic motivation gives energy for the long run. Employers need to look at both, but the Intrinsic motivation is something that is possible to develop, and that development brings win-win for employees and employers. The HRO Motivational Training Courses provide an effective upgrade of motivational skills.

This training also provides very specific strategies for managers to better retain, motivate, and engage their employees.

Emotional Intelligence Training

It's not enough to read or learn about it. You need to experience Emotional Intelligence. Would you like to bring emotional intelligence consciously into your company; developing your people to become more effective managers, and more happy HUMAN BEINGS?

When Daniel Goleman published his first book on Emotional Intelligence in 1995, the expression became one of the hottest buzzwords in corporate America. When the Harvard Business Review published an article on emotional intelligence, it attracted a higher percentage of readers than any other article published in that periodical in the last 40 years. But do you know how to develop the Emotional Intelligence of your workshop? And have you started it? What results have you achieved so far? HRO has a systematic approach and powerful training methods that remarkably increase the Emotional Intelligence of participants.

A series of research has proven that Emotional Intelligence is strongly correlating with the high performance of managers and knowledge workers. It also has been proven that emotional intelligence can be developed. However, the application of Emotional Intelligence at work requires tools and methodology, and these were not available in China. The good news is that HRO now offers you tools and training methods to efficiently develop Emotional Intelligence.

Communication Skills Training

Communication is involved in every single aspect of your work. It becomes even more important in a cosmopolitan city like Shanghai, where leaders try to bring together people from different parts of China and the World. The higher the professional level you are aiming for, the more essential it becomes to communicate:
- Accurately;
- Efficiently;
- Timely;
- With Empathy.

But what can happen, especially when workload and time pressure increase?
- Misunderstanding;
- Information Overflow or Shortage;
- Delay - Untimely Information;
- Frustration.

Have you experienced them? Do they sound familiar to you?

"HRO Communication Skills Training" brings you some of the most tested and effective methods specifically selected and designed for your people, to enhance their personal and professional communication methods as recommended by outstanding professionals and business psychologists.

The engaging HRO training exercises teach them advanced techniques without the typical classroom feeling but while they are having fun. Experiential, interactive, eye-opening: contact HRO to customize a training program that meets your needs.

Conflict Management Training

Uncover the human elements in conflicts, identify the issues clearly, and use the most tested and proven strategies to effectively deal with conflicts. Your team may not be able to solve all conflicts after the training, but they can surely manage them better. The psychology based HRO approach has created significant changes in conflict resolution of training participants. Please contact us for exploring what could be done in your team.

Presentation Skills Training

HRO takes your people through both the practical, technical, and also the mental and psychological skills of presentation. Questionnaire, exercises, video feedback, and many training tools and formats are possible. Please contact us for exploring what could be done in your team.

Negotiation Skills Training

Is there room to achieve a bit more? Higher revenues, better conditions, more profit? Well, it is possible to make a difference in most cases, and we'd be interested in discussing the situation in your company. The customized HRO program brings in direct, fast ROI. Please contact us for exploring what could be done in your team.

Interview Skills Training

Studies show that traditional interviewing only generates a 10-65% accuracy rate in predicting the success of new employees. The loss in training costs and recruitment fees - not to mention lost sales and revenue - due to these inaccuracies is staggering. More accurate interviewing is essential to bringing top talent appropriate to the task into your company.

The HRO Interview Training programs could bring the results of scientific research into every interview that happens at your company. We can customize the program for recruiters, line managers, and even for headhunters. Based on your situation, processes, and challenges, we give you the training to teach your interviewers everything they need to know to conduct successful and accurate interviews.

These programs include customizing the interview questions to your organization's culture and core competencies. HRO will provide you with a complete Interviewer handbook and forms you need for easy implementation. The training includes role plays and exercises to give you hands-on practical experience. Read more: Interview Skills Training

Bring this training into your organization; enable people to become better interviewers; get excellent ROI on your training investment.

Feedback Skills Training

Do your people give enough feedback? Do they get enough feedback? Do they ask for feedback?

Feedback is crucial for individual and organizational development, but sufficient feedback doesn't just happen. Make a big step towards enhancing your feedback culture by taking this course.

Training for Consultants and HR Professionals

FiT In™ Test Administrator Training

This training is compulsory for all people who will organize/supervise the testing process, will interpret the results and will make/prepare decisions. The training is intensive, because proper use of personality tests require solid foundation in assessment knowledge.

FiT In™ TTT Program

This program is designed for the HR managers, training managers, trainers, coaches and consultants who want to apply the FiT In™ assessment to provide depth, power, and a unique edge for their training programs.

Assessor Training

Assessment Centers are quickly becoming popular in China. HRO brings in the knowledge and experience that you need for the proper design and implementation of your in-house Assessment Center. These programs include customizing the assessment exercises to your organization's culture and the competencies that are essential for the job. HRO will provide you with a complete Assessment Center handbook and forms you need for easy implementation.

HR Development

Unite your training and coaching efforts into a systematic framework of HR Development.


We are specializing in providing customized in-house trainings for corporate clients. We incorporate the principles of action learning and group dynamics in designing our trainings and workshops. Each HRO training is learner-centered: it's a unique, lasting experience for participants. People learn by acting and interacting, by doing exciting things and by reflecting on what they have experienced.

We conduct programs not only in the Shanghai area, but have also delivered training in Beijing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wuxi, Zhuhai, Beihai, Hefei, Shenzhen, Xian, Hong Kong and Hainan Island. All HRO courses are designed in China or carefully localized and tested, with the unique needs of multinational companies operating in China in mind. An international team of psychologists and consultants work on our assessment tools, course design, games, exercises, and role plays, to ensure that every participation in HRO Training Programs receives maximum benefits.

Please consider the following questions before you contact us:

  • What training impact do you expect: Just fun; Some skill development; Significant change in the culture of the organization?
  • How much time, energy and money do you want to invest in training: Minimal; Some preparation and follow up; Systematic, long-term program?
  • How much money do you want to invest: Minimal (off the shelf or public training program); Modest investment (some preparation, senior trainers); Significant investment (What could be done? I want real improvement!)?

Please Contact Us  for more information.