Motivation Toolbox Training for Managers

Learn the latest methods for engaging and rataining your staff members - build employee engagement with HRO’s Motivation Toolkit.

Who could benefit the most?

Anyone in management or leadership position, especially:

  • Business owners, executives and HR managers who are looking for new tools and creative ways to keep their best people;
  • Junior and middle managers who want to increase performance and enthusiasm in the teams they lead;
  • Any manager who want to be better equipped in motivating their staff members.

Program Introduction

This program enables managers to increase the engagement of their team members by tapping into their individual needs and unique aspirations better. Via the course, managers will firstly get a clear picture of the various facets of engagement. This will be achieved via OD-Tools’ motivational framework and the “Win-Win Accelerator” tool. Even if they already know a lot about engagement, the innovative approach and toolkit introduced in this course will give them new ideas and practical techniques. The highlight of the program is the unique Motivational Dialog that helps to better align needs of individuals with the needs of the organization. Applying the tools will improve manager/employee relationships, and will contribute to a more energetic and positive workplace.

Update your knowledge – make a difference in your awareness and thinking about motivation.

This course includes an individual assessment that participants will do online before the program. The MQ report is an important training tool and will be used extensively throughout the program.


  • Gain a deeper understanding of the drivers of high engagement. Realize what it takes to motivate people in your team beyond material rewards;
  • Learn innovative methods (Motivational Cards, Motivational Questionnaire) to identify the individual needs of each staff members;
  • Learn to use the “Win-Win Accelerator” and the Motivational Dialogue tool for maximizing the contribution and satisfaction of employees;
  • Gain a set of Motivational Cards, that you can use at work immediately;
  • Become a better leader equipped with the latest engagement toolkit!

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