Leadership 360 Assessment Survey

360 surveys are often used in the evaluation and development of leadership. Hwever, not all 360 surveys are created equal - HRO's shorter, snappier surveys work better than the long surveys most companies use. We can customize the 360 for you, or you can use our DIY 360 platform to build your own. If you don't have a robust own model, you can use our generic model introduced below.

Leadership Core Competencies 360 Assessment (LC)

LC is based on HRO’s Corporate Leadership Competency Model, which is a result of 5 years research and refining. The model captures the most essential and universal 7 leadership competency domains: Sharing the Vision, Influencing Others, Team Building, Supporting Others, Innovation, Delivering Results, Business Acumen.

HRO's Leadership Competency Model

The model focuses on the transformational leadership behaviors, but the key transactional aspects are also included (Delivering Results and Business Acumen).

Each competency is represented by 4 behaviors (28 items in total). The included behaviors are easy to understand and observe. The result is a questionnaire that is easy/interesting to fill in and provides powerful feedback.

Unique features:

  • Saves time – probably the most efficient 360 on leadership;
  • It includes only behaviors that are observable and trainable;
  • Report is easy to understand, and helps turning feedback into improvement action steps;
  • The report includes laser targeted development suggestions for the areas where development is needed most;
  • The HRO assessment system makes implementation easy;
  • We provide customization: we can include competencies that are important for your organization.

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