Executive Coaching Service

10 Years Coaching Experience in Shanghai

What is the single most effective method to develop soft-skills and leadership?

Yes, that's right, coaching!

What is Executive Coaching by HRO?

Our coaches conduct one-on-one sessions with managers to achieve a positive influence on their awareness, goals and priorities, motivation, behavior and performance.

Major aims of coaching are to support high potentials in their professional development, to help executives in dealing with extraordinary challenges and to prevent high-performers from exhaustion.

When Executive Coaching should be applied?

Following the given aims, coaching proved to be highly efficient:

- in supporting foreign executives to settle appropriately within the very demanding environment of China, especially Shanghai;

- in backing up key performers or executives, who have to face extraordinary individual challenges for which appropriate corporate support may be lacking (accidents, fierce internal competition, extreme team-constellations, tough negotiations etc.).

- in helping managers who feel uncertain about their current position as well as their future perspectives to regain clarity of view and trust in their very own skills and capabilities.

Another typical application of coaching in Shanghai is supporting Chinese leaders to identify and work out development bottlenecks. For example, how to become a globally accepted leader who can manage international teams, or how to become more influential, or more balanced.

Who can be coached?

Typically coaching is provided for middle managers and above, key performers, and experts. We can provide support in Mandarin, Shanghainese, English and German.

How does it work?

Coaching typically is a structured, mid to long-term process, and HRO also provides quick crisis-interventions.

Our coaches use diversified coaching methods (discussions, questionnaires, visual aids, role play, experimental learning, and homework). Even more importantly, they provide careful observation and objective feedback based on knowledge and experience.

Both together, coaches and the methods applied help the trainee to realize development: raise self-awareness, achieve clarity, focus, and to maintain motivation.

Original HRO Coaching Tools

HRO Psychometric Tests:

- Trait-Map® Personality Questionnaire:
Provides a comprehensive feedback to speed up and highly focus the coaching process.

- MQ Motivation Questionnaire:
Helps to clarify individual motivational factors, often this helps to boost energy into the coaching process.

Special Methods and tools designed by HRO Senior Consultant Friedemann Demmer, based on his 15 years of coaching experience:

- Individual Resource Map:
The individual resource map helps to identify, where people lose, and where (could re-) gain energy. Especially helpful for individual orientation coaching e.g. after expatriation.

- Life-Event Questionnaire:
This questionnaire helps to deepen coaching insights on the status of a person's individual resources and how close to his/her limits he/she really is.

- Motivation Compass:
This motivational tool is especially applicable to work out career decisions in coaching.

- Emotional Compass:
A highly effective tool for conscious relation-management - for interpersonal relations as well as for decision-processes, which can be seen also as relation-work: The relation to a task.

- Individual Relation Map:
A method for working out complex and tensed relation constellations, as they often appear in huge organizations. This coaching tool provides new discoveries and strategies.

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