Self-Awareness at Work

Even though Self-Awareness ("Know Thyself") has been recognized as a crucial ability since ancient times (as inscriptions in the Egyptian temple in Luxor, the Greek temple in Delphi, or Plato's Dialogues prove it), it was less talked about it in the HR field, because it is difficult to measure and develop with traditional methods. It is sad but true that few competency models include self-awareness. Fortunately, the awareness of Self-Awareness among business leaders has increased in the last decade. Since influential authors such as Danial Goleman, James Kouzes, and Barry Posner highlighted the importance of Self-Awareness in professional and leadership effectiveness, most leaders recognize that it is a desired skill. Some authors refer to it as the cornerstone of personal and organizational "psychological capital". Still, it has remained a costly item usually available only to the higher echelons of organizations. The good news is HRO has developed efficient and affordable programs that can enable leaders to improve everyone's Self-Awareness in the company!

What is Self-Awareness?

It is the awareness of oneself, including one's traits (conditioned patterns), strengths and weaknesses, motivations and feelings. It is the base for personal change and growth; the base for a sound career development strategy; and the base for understanding others, therefore, it is a precondition for being effective with others.

How can I develop Self-Awareness in my company?

We offer programs on several levels:

1. The most affordable and efficient methodology: the Trait-Map® online personality assessment, the MQ online motivational questionnaire + a "How to maximize the benefit of your report" presentation with Q&A. We delivered such presentation sessions up to 200 people per session. Why does our methodology work? Filling in our questionnaires is a valuable self-reflection exercise in itself. The reports are relevant, accurate and understandable, and for most people, they bring a profound learning experience with a lasting impact!

2. You can go a step further by adding experiential training exercises to the above-described method. This requires training sessions limited to max 20 people each time. The investment is higher, and so are the benefits. HRO combines Self-Awareness with the following training programs: Team Building, Team Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Management, Motivation Skills, Presentation Skills.

3. Developing Self-Awareness is a long-term process. Go the next level by using 360 feedback instruments such as the "Five Minute Feedback" or the "EQ SWOT" (these can be used at any job level), or the "Leadership Core Competencies 360 Feedback" for leaders. HRO's innovative 360 assessments take a fraction of the time (and cost) that is often associated with 360 projects. 

4. Adding coaching to the program: Executive Coaching, Shadow Coaching, Team Coaching. HRO works with some of the most experienced coaches available to create significant change.

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